DIY Verse of the Week Board

VOWdiyThe concept is simple. Create your own Verse of the Week board, and start adding a new verse each week.  Each night at dinner or every morning at breakfast, recite the verse with your family and work to memorize it by the end of the week.

By the end of the year you will have memorized 52 new scriptures — scriptures that can move, motivate, encourage and inspire you, your family and those with whom you share the challenge.

To make things even easier, we’ve created an easy Make a V.O.W. kit.  Each kit contains the following:

  • A brief Bible study introduction and list of 10 starting verses
  • 2 verse cards for 10 easy weekly verse reference, one to keep and one to give away
  • 2 vinyl decals to create the 2 verse boards on any surface you provide, one for you and one to give away
  • 1 gift card to accompany your Verse of the Week board that you give away
  • Chalkboard creation and vinyl application instructions for your own surfaces

Share your scripture memory journey on social media by using the hashtag #makeavow and don’t forget to challenge your friends and family.


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